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donals goines
Donald Goins / Author.

Donald Goines
Donald Goines was born in Detroit, Michigan on December 15, 1936, to a middle-class black family. He was addicted to heroin at various points in his life. Goines accomplished an amazing feat by writing 16 books in five years. He began his writing career while serving time at Michigan's Jackson Penitentiary, where he was influenced by the work of Iceberg Slim. In his vivid depictions of ghetto and prison life, Goines employed both standard English and dialectal forms to great effect.

Some of Goines's novels have become films, such as Never Die Alone which starred DMX, and Crime Partners, which starred Ice-T, Snoop Dogg, and Ja Rule. Minor independent movie made of his life was released in 2003.
Goines's better known works include Black Gangster, the semi-autobiographical Whoreson: The Story of a Ghetto Pimp, Dopefiend: The Story of a Black Junkie, Street Players, Eldorado Red, Daddy Cool (which was made into a graphic novel) and White Man's Justice, Black Man's Grief. Inner City Hoodlum, which Goines had finished before his death, was published posthumously in 1975. The story, set in Los Angeles, was about "smack", money and murder. An auto-biographical film is being developed by Monty Ross of 40 acres and a mule and Kenyatta Poole of StarrChild ENT. in which Mr. Poole will be starring as the slain writer. Production is scheduled for September 2013.

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