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Promoting a source of inspiration for those who have been incarcerated released and turned their lives around.

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vicki stringer
Vickie M. Stringer / Author, CEO.

Vickie M. Stringer
Vickie M. Stringer is the publisher of Triple Crown Publications, one of the most successful African-American book publishers in the country and abroad. She has been featured in many magazines and newspapers such as the New York Times, Newsweek, Essence, and Black Enterprise. She lives in Columbus, Ohio, with her two children.

Ms. Stringer single handedly launch a company that supported authors who write titles dealing with street life. She earned her title hip-hop queen. C&B Books. She is CEO of Triple Crown publications, the world leader of urban literature publishing, and the author of the best selling books "Let That Be The Reason? And the sequel "Imagine This".

It was through the many trials Ms. Stringer encountered during a seven-year stint in prison that instilled in her the resolve and insight to launch triple crown publications, now based in the suburban business district of Columbus, Ohio. The first publication under her fledgling company was her self-published novel, "let that be the reason," a story about the choices one woman makes and how her decisions would be her emancipation from street life or her destruction.
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Ms. Stringer's novel earned her instant success, and the voice and soul of Triple Crown Publications was born. The name "Triple Crown Publications" was based on a group Ms. Stringer associated with called the "Triple Crown Posse." the name triple crown honors the positive impact the group had on her life and serves as a reminder that loyalty and dedication are the only ways to achieve lasting success.

The company has grown from a one-woman operation to employing nine full-time employees and distributing over one million books to bookstores and libraries throughout the united states and abroad.


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